Testimonials from some of my past pupils

It has been a great pleasure to have Zainab as my instructor. She is an excellent and skilled teacher - she notices the tiniest details there is and helps you improve in so many ways possible. Her way of teaching is highly commendable, she is calm, very patient and she makes things easier for her student to understand - she adjusts to her student’s needs. Zainab is also an incredible and kind human being. She also has this positive outlook that makes learning easier. Learning with her comes with ease, she is funny and at the same time she does ask you about how you feel before and after your lessons. I did enjoy my lessons with her so much and I also felt like I gained a friend in Zainab. She is warm and understanding. She gives very honest opinions on your driving and helps you work through even the tiniest faults you commit or may commit. What I appreciate more with Zainab is that she makes time to help you & to prepare you for the test. She knows the right words to say to help you get ready. I have nothing but good words to say about her. She is the instructor a learner would wish to have - skilled, talented and kind. I am very grateful for her. Couldn’t have done it without her!

It was not easy at the time when lock-down just lifted and I had only 3 weeks before the test date. It was all due to Zainab who put full effort with semi intensive course putting me on right track to pass my driving test in first attempt. Could not stop giving feedback as Excellent!! Many thanks.

Eunice Eunice
What can I say?! Knowing that I've, Alhamdulillah, passed is truly bittersweet for me. I honestly loved our lessons! I always looked after them, as I truly believe that Zainab is one of the finest instructors there are - but I only had her, so - for me - she is the best! She balances everything so well - to making you feel relaxed and comfortable (from your first session to your actual day of driving test), to kindly yet firmly informing you what you can do to improve and ace your driving and knowledge! I already miss our lessons because I feel like I have found a friend in Zainab. She is genuine, kind, funny, caring and thoughtful, always asked me if I was feeling okay and comfortable. Due to the fact that we have to wear a mask on our sessions, Zainab ensured that I felt safe in our sessions. I remember on our first few sessions, she told me that she could not see my expression fully to get an idea if I was feeling anxious or worried, so she would always ask me how I was feeling and would always reassure me that, if ever I felt worried or bothered, I could just tell her and we could pull up to the side. I learnt so much from Zainab and am, now, carrying her mottos or slogans with me! Haha! Until now, I cannot stop singing praises about Zainab to my family as I am truly grateful for everything that she has done for me. She boosted my confidence to be a safe driver by making me go on routes that required me to pay more attention. This actually massively helped me on the day of my driving test. As a person who would get nervous quite easily, I felt relatively well on the day of my driving test, and, Alhamdulillah, Zainab played a huge part in that! I knew that Zainab trained me well and I trusted her, her lovely soul and her amazing teachings very much!

Zainab is an amazing instructor! She is so patient and takes her time to teach you everything step by step. She knew when to tell me off and gives good advice and feedback which made me learn from my mistakes. She also reassures you and always gives praises when due, she’s amazing and I’ve gained a sister for life! Thank you once again!

I recommend Zainab as instructor. She is very welcoming, friendly, puctual, patient and supportative. Since the very first time I always felt at ease during lessons. Zainab's encouragement and support helped me to build up the confidence and self-belief within myself about driving ability. I don't know if I could have done it without Zainab's instruction and support. I highly recommend her!!

Zainab knows her job well. She is an experienced trainer and explains every concept of driving in detail with reasoning. She is punctual, prompt in replying to the messages and polite through out the training. I found her very accommodating and flexible. She never insisted on 2 hour lessons. She was happy to allot me 1 or 1.5 hours too as per my need and capacity. Above all, she is a wonderful human being.

I struggled a lot with different instructors, not always feeling comfortable or not completely understating what they were saying and then I met Zainab!! She is a perfect instructor: kind, patient and very good at explaining things. She creates a positive atmosphere in the car which made me feel happy and eager to learn. She has helped me become a more confident driver and I was able to pass first time! Thank you Zainab!!!

Just wanted to say you are the most amazing driving instructor ever. Thank you for your patience and how amazing you are. Have always been nervous with my driving instructors as I've had a few of them but with Zainab, I actually look forward to my lessons. She breaks it all down in a way that you will never forget and before you know it, you are driving with confidence like a professional and passing your test won't be a problem at all. Thank you once again. Wishing you all the best Kemi.

Zainab is a wonderful driving teacher and I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is endlessly patient even with the most beginner or nervous of drivers. She is also so friendly and kind so lessons are always enjoyable. Driving had been a challenge for me and I had a couple of different instructors previously - by a long way Zainab was the best teacher I had, so knowledgeable and skilled and patient. Thanks to her I passed easily. Thank you Zainab! thanks, Lara.

My driving instructor was Zainab. I had driving experience for ten years but in different country. Getting my driving licence was one of my nightmares and I was really, really nervous to start driving with difficult rules but Zainab soon settled my nerves. She explained everything so clearly and made learning to drive and to be updated with rules in UK so much easy. On 17th of August I passed my driving test first time. I will miss Zainab because she is a great lady so patient and a fantastic instructor.

I am so glad I contacted Zainab after my partner found her website. Zainab has been an absolutely fantastic driving instructor! She is kind, patient and full of wisdom. Zainab went above and beyond to teach me. I took an intensive course over the summer and managed to pass before I got back to work. I know I only achieved this because of how fantastic Zainab is to drive with. She made me feel confortable from day 1 and pushed my limits every lesson to make me as confident as possible for my test. I have had several instructors in the past but never got the hang of driving, but with Zainab she made it fun and easy. I strongly recommend Zainab, especially if you are a scared or nervous driver, Zainab will turn that around in no time. Thank you so much Zainab, you have changed my life!

Hands down the best instructor ever, she is enthusiastic, informative and punctual. I have had two instructors in the past before Zainab and both well experienced but not as good as her, she boosted my confidence, gave me all round knowledge, I honestly experienced nothing negative. Of course I passed first time round.

Zainab is a very patient instructor, she is perceptive and adaptive to what works for you. She is also an exceptional listener and adjusts to your leaning needs, by finding your reference point and also teaching you how to perfect your parking and suggesting ways to help you improve. Through Zainab, I have learned to develop the correct safety measures required to achieve adequate responsibilities on the road. As a new licensed driver, I have only Zainab to thank for her patience, comfortable learning space, and impeccable teaching skills.

Hi there, I am very happy! I passed my driving test I would like to say a big big thanks to Zainab for her time and patience when teaching me. I would like to recommend Zainab to everyone, she is friendly, hard working at the time she is very good instructor she give you a lot of confidence for driving, she’s the best instructor and she has experience how to teach driving safely and professionally.

Zainab was an absolutely fantastic driving instructor. She was always very calm and patient in every lesson, helping me to drive with confidence. It was a very positive learning experience - highly recommended.

I contacted Zainab after learning with two other instructors and feeling disheartened and nervous about driving. After my first lesson with Zainab, I already felt so much more confident about driving. Zainab made me feel calm and I began to really enjoy lessons and developed a love of driving. Zainab is very patient which meant I became less anxious about asking questions, making mistakes and this made me a better and safer driver. She explains things clearly so that you understand why you are doing what you are doing when driving and teaches you to be a safe driver not just to pass your test, but for life. Zainab is also very professional; she was always on time and each lesson is well thought through so that you make progress in every lesson and get very good value for money. She is an amazing instructor and is especially good for people who might be a bit nervous about driving. Zainab is also a very kind and caring person and that made spending time with her learning to drive a really enjoyable experience and thanks to Zainab I am now confident and safe driver.

Training with Zainab was actually quite fun! I must admit I was very nervous about driving in general and never imagined that I would actually enjoy doing it. I must give credit to Zainab as she is very professional, but also quite empathetic: she knows when to challenge you and when to give you space. I only realized how lucky I was to train with her when started driving on my own.

Zainab was honestly the best driving instructor I could have asked for. I had only two two hour lessons the days before my driving test, and I passed first time round. Zainab played a huge role in this. She made me feel calm and comfortable, while telling me where I needed to improve. The little things she would say to me during my lessons stuck in my head during my test, like 'new road, new mirrors'. I feel blessed to have Zainab guiding me before my test and will be recommending her to anyone looking to drive!